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Waifu Bath Water

Play to Earn

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Waifu Bath Water

10 000 unique Waifus with unique traits that can be used in our upcoming strategy play to earn game.

First 15 holders get a free custom 1 of 1 Super Bath Water.

First 50 holders will get special OG in-game items. These will be NFTs in the final release of the game that can be sold.


Bath Bombs

10 000 bath bombs are released exclusively to holders of the phase 1 Waifus.

Super Bath Water

 The Waifu is transformed when combined with a Waifu bath bomb. 20 000 Super Waifus. These are your demon girls and cat girls etc. 10 000 exclusively available to holders of a Waifu and a bath bomb. 10 000 available through public mint.


Play to earn

Phase 4 is turning the Waifu NFT collections into a NFT strategy game. Build your army of simps and battle other holders for land. Earn more by taking more land or by owning more waifus. Land is linked to your Waifu so when you sell the Waifu you sell the land too.  Certain Waifu traits earn more in certain areas of the map.

Ongoing Support

The holder benefits are completely in the holder's hands. If you have good suggestions we will hold polls to see what other holders think. If you as holders want it, we will do our best to make it happen. We are community-focused. 

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